Board Members

Andy Gordon

Ride Organizer

(435) 749-9097

Bill Juber

Local Tourism and Land User Relations

(435) 650-9531

Dale Maxfield

Newsletter, Facebook

(435) 820-9728

Heather Behling

Sponsor Outreach, Public Relations

(435) 749-2226

Jerace Glover

Club Administrator / Registered Agent


Richard Wimmer

Club Social Events Coordinator

(801) 419-4939

Robert Pahl Jr.

Parade/Event Coordinator

(435) 630-6188

Board Member Title Reference

Title Description
Club Administrator / Registered Agent
  • Manage checking account and primary agent with financial institution.
    • Check book reconciliation.
    • Reimbursements.
    • Fee payments for events.
  • Retrieves mail from P.O. Box.
  • Manages new members applications and update member roster.
  • Renews fees/dues for:
    • Blue Ribbon Coalition.
    • Mailbox.
    • Storage Shed.
    • Bureau of Commerce & Articles of Incorporation (and is CCOHVA registered agent).
    • Utah OHV Association.
  • Takes meeting minutes during Member Meeting and responsible for creating monthly meeting agendas during Board Meeting.
  • Website: manage club website; provide updated information; provide any significant OHV news:
    • James Kirby is committee member & will assist with design of new web site.
  • Attend Emery County trail meetings as committee member.
  • Email account: monitor all incoming emails and forward to board members and/or members as appropriate.
Club Social Events Coordinator
  • Coordinate and plan for quarterly social event.
  • Coordinate and plan for quarterly training event
Event Coordinator
  • Tracks local events in which CCOHVA can participate in. Events include but not limited to parades, charity events, CCOHVA booth events for raffle tickets sales or bake sales, etc.
  • Coordinate submission of application and payment to event facilitator.
  • Ensures members are notified for maximum participation (club email, club text msg or club Facebook page).
Local Tourism and Land User Relations
  • Establish working relationship with local, state tourism office and where possible at the national level.
  • Attend monthly Carbon County trails meeting. Report significant issues to board and members.
  • Work with BLM and USFS to coordinate service projects.
Newsletter, Facebook
  • Newsletter: compile monthly newsletter that will be published to current members. Newsletter emailed or mailed on or about the 1 st of each month.
  • Is moderator and admin for Facebook page
Ride Organizer
  • Responsible for Trail Tote with the following supplies:
    • First Aid Kit
    • Participation raffle tickets
    • Prize
    • Liability forms
    • Pre-ride briefing check list
    • Membership forms
    • Radios
  • Ensure liability form is signed by each participant.
  • Issues out participation raffle tickets and consolidates all tickets for prize drawing; brings a minimum of two prizes for drawing.
  • Coordinates pre-ride event, one month from official club ride to ensure the trail is ride worthy.
  • Also, this will ensure the newsletter has ride description.
  • Camping events.
  • After ride cook outs.
    • Flat ware tote
Sponsor Outreach, Public Relations
  • Establishes relationship with business in both local counties and bordering counties.
  • Coordinates sponsorship of our club.
  • Develops and has oversight on Grant proposals.
  • Creates partnership with other clubs
Web Master

Responsible for making sure the website is:

  • Functional
  • User-friendly
  • Visually pleasing
  • And up-to-date.